As the official representative of DV Power in Nigeria, we supply and implement the following: Circuit Breaker Diagnostic Equipment, Transformer Testing Equipment, Battery Testing Equipment, Substation Ground Grid Testers, Protective Bonding Testers.

Circuit Breaker Test Equipment

A new generation of circuit breaker test equipment for condition assessment of medium and high voltage circuit breakers.


Micro-ohmmeters for contact resistance measurement of medium and high voltage circuit breakers.

Coil Analyzers & Power Supply Units

Circuit breaker coil analyzers capable of minimum voltage test and power sources for coils and mechanisms.

Transformer Test Equipment

These test instruments are used to perform various diagnostic tests on power and instrument transformers.

Handheld Turns Ratio and Winding Resistance Tester

Lightweight and battery-powered instrument for turns ratio and winding resistance testing.

Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer (Coming Soon)

Instrument for sweep frequency response analysis of transformers.

Electrical Safety Test Equipment

Making a product “safe” requires an understanding of “hazards” that exist in each electrical product.

Protective Bonding Testers

DC testers for protective earth bonding inspection.

Ground Grid Testers

DC testers for substation grounding grid inspection.

Battery Test Equipment

The battery test equipment verifies battery’s actual SOC (State of Charge) or SOH (State of Health) and prevents unwanted scenarios which could result in a significant budget loss as well as endanger of human lives.

Battery Capacity / Discharge Testers

Universal battery capacity / discharge testers.