Partial Discharge Testing and Monitoring Solutions

Peria Global specialise in IPEC’s partial discharge monitoring and testing solutions for the power industry. IPEC PD products range includes Portable Switchgear PD Testing Instruments, Cable PD Testing Systems, Permanent PD Monitoring for MV, HV and EHV systems and our range of PD Sensors.

Portable Switchgear PD Testing

IPEC range of portable switchgear PD instruments can be used to detect, quantify and locate defects in medium voltage switchgear and accessories via TEV and Ultrasonic sensors.

PD Detector

Handheld Switchgear Detector with Data Synchronisation


Handheld Switchgear Partial Discharge Detector


Portable Switchgear Partial Discharge Testing and Location

Online PD Monitoring

Peria’s range of online PD monitoring systems for MV switchgear and MV, HV and EHV cables. Our solutions are online, giving clients live asset condition during operational network conditions.


Online Partial Discharge Permanent Monitoring


Portable Partial Discharge Monitoring


Fibre linked EHV and Distribute Assets PD Monitoring

PD Alarm

Permanent Monitoring for Switchgear

PD Sensors

Range of sensors that can be used with or without IPEC products. Each sensor is designed to be non-intrusive and retrofitted to existing equipment.

AA Ultrasonic

Acoustic Probe for Surface Discharge and Corona Detection


Split core Transducers for retrofitting to existing terminations

CC-TEV Capacitive Coupler

Capacitively Coupled TEV Sensor for metal clad Switchgear