Peria Global have expertise in all kinds of engineering services such as Civil/Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Process/Automation & control, Instrumentation Control and Environmental engineering to bring solutions to her clients in all field of engineering.

Engineering areas

Maintenance, installation & upgrade of on/offshore production facilities and platforms, process facilities, FPSO/Marine vessels.

  • Fabrication/Installation of flowline spools.
  • Fabrication of gas lift spools
  • Valves repairs, Orifice box and pumps maintenance
  • Wellhead maintenance
  • Replacement of corroded grating.
  • Corrosion prevention & control.
  • Cathodic prevention & coating.
  • Security upgrade.
  • Boat landing/stairway & handrails.
  • Turnaround or shutdown maintenance etc.
  • Detailed Engineering and design.
  • Facilities modifications & upgrade.
  • Steel structural fabrication & errection.
  • Storage tank fabrication & errection.
  • Building construction.
  • Construction of culvert, drainage and perimeter fence.

Peria Global has experts with experience in electrical design, installation/maintenance services and technical skills to come up with right answers to your exact needs. With over 10 years of experience and a proven willingness to take on a wide range of electrical services. Our electrical Engineers have all the expertise you need to help develop the kind of reliable, cost effective solutions to your installation and maintenance problems.

Peria Global provides installation, maintenance and repairs of the following:

  • Flow station lighting facilities.
  • Transformer/ cabin.
  • Transformer bus duct support.
  • Underground cable tracing.
  • Electrical control system.
  • Voltage switchgear.
  • Substation, circuit breaker and high voltage system.
  • Rewinding of electrical motors.
  • Electrical designs for different purposes.
  • Provision of a total solution to electrical system from installation to power analysis.
  • Electrical system revamping.
  • Maintenance of plant facilities – Electrical motors, compressors, pumps, panels, engine, generators etc.
  • Installation of power supply for lighting & utilities.
  • Goading and termination of cables power and signal in junction boxes, instrument panels, transformers, equipment etc.
  • Installation of smoke, thermal and gas detector.
  • Construction of transmission lines and substations.
  • Earthing system and lighting protection.
  • Access control.
  • CCTV surveillance system.
  • Installation of fire fighting equipment such as FM 200 etc.
  • Inspection & maintenance of all types of fire fighting equipment.
  • Supply of electrical Engineers/Technicians.

Peria Global offers a wide range in mechanical services. Our mechanical expertise can help you keep your heating, cooling units, plumbing, electrical systems and hydraulic system equipment up to date and running smoothly. No matter the fault in your heating, cooling, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, our expertise can diagnose the problem quickly and have it back in operation on time. We have modern technologies, tools, experienced, competent engineers and factory trained technicians needed to bring solutions to all your HVAC systems, mechanical and electrical issues.

Peria Global provides solutions at a friendly cost to Clients for all hydraulic equipment such as:

  • Tensioner machines
  • Hydraulic cranes
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Low and high pressure compressors
  • Turbines
  • Generators more than 2000HP
  • Machines
  • Chiller systems
  • Broiler systems
  • HVAC systems etc.

Peria Global offers full range of calibration and certification, repairs and troubleshooting of all instrument systems mentioned but few;

  • Torque guage
  • Chart recorders
  • Pressure indicators
  • Pressure guage and transmitters
  • Flow measuring instruments
  • Transducers
  • Peak pulse meters
  • Malfunction calibration range
  • Level measuring instrument
  • Calibration of control valves

Other outstanding instrumentation/process services are:

  • Troubleshooting and start-up services
  • Instrumentation maintenance contracts
  • Power and signal wiring
  • Instrumentation calibration for shutdown or planned maintenance services
  • Field installation for process instrumentation
  • Hook up of instruments – Transmitters, Recorders and Control valves
  • Installation/Rehabilitation of faulty pneumatic panels
  • Well hook up and commissioning
  • Loop checking
  • Testing of Helium leak detection test (valve seat leakage, leak detection, start up and shutdown)