PERIA’s team of Data Analysts have many years of experience with online PD testing and monitoring. We offer a range of Data Analysis options to suit customer needs.

PD Data Analysis

We pride ourselves on providing instruments and systems that are both easy to use, yet have the power of industrial level technology and detection systems to give the most accurate information, readily available.
With minimal training our PD-SG series can be implemented to give effective PD solutions, higher level products such as the PrecisePD and the use of the iSM monitor website for our ASM on-line monitors give greater insight into the condition of assets with minimal extra training needed.

At PGS we offer the full solution, worldwide data analysis help for when a little extra knowledge and expertise is needed. We know that every substation and underground cable is different, each with unique testing environments. Our team of highly qualified data analysts are here to help interpret test data generated by our products, we can help pick out small discharges in ultra-high noise environments, help give suggestions about recommended actions that can shed light on difficult to locate partial discharges.


Why choose PERIA GLOBAL in Nigeria

  • Over 15 years’ experience
  • Will advise on a wide range of partial discharge issues
  • Work together with clients to see issues resolved from detection through to repair.
  • Our PGS Support teams are fully flexible to work when you need us
  • Worldwide service
  • Onsite back-up and services if required

For more information on packages available, please contact us at as Nigerian representative.