Partial Discharge can form as equipment ages and is often not spotted during regular maintenance of equipment. It is important to combine regular maintenance and PD testing of equipment. Often customers do not want to conduct PD testing themselves, IPEC’s PD survey service can be integrated into asset manager’s maintenance and testing process.

IPEC’s service team have many years of PD experience and conduct PD testing and surveying in the UK and abroad. Unlike cable PD testing or switchgear PD testing our PD survey service is designed as a regular maintenance tool or your cable and/or switchgear assets, allowing IPEC to take responsibility for the PD testing and analysis of your equipment.



  • MV, HV, EHV cables, 6.6kV to 500kV
  • Cable terminations
  • MV/HV Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS) and accessories
  • Dry Type Transformers
  • Cable Joints
  • Upto 4km from test point

PERIA’s PD Survey Service can cover

  • Whole networks
  • High priority cables or switchgear
  • PD testing before an event
  • Quarterly or yearly PD Survey contracts
  • Bespoke PD Survey contracts


PGS will tailor the PD Survey Service to every customer, a scheduled of work will be agreed before each period. Following the PD survey, IPEC will analyse and send recommendations and reports to the client so appropriate action can be taken if required.

Onsite test duration and prices depend requirement and depend on location, number of assets, multiple test type etc . Our Engineers operate worldwide.

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