Periaglobal in partnership with IPEC offer online switchgear PD testing and location services for distribution networks. Our team of engineers conduct regular testing alongside our monitoring systems and test equipment to help customers identify and locate weak points on their network through the detection of Partial Discharge inside switchgear

Using the latest equipment developed by IPEC, our engineers detect PD using TEV and Ultrasonic equipment to give a full PD condition assessment of assets. IF problems are found, location will take place to pin point the issue and recommend remedial action to the client.


  • Medium/High Voltage Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS) and accessories
  • Cable Terminations
  • Dry Type Transformers
  • Ring Main Units and Distribution Substations

Switchgear PD Testing Service

PERIA’s Switchgear PD Testing service has three main phases;

  • Internal PD – TEV Testing; Using the powerful functions of PD-SG1 and PrecisePD our test engineers test each asset within a substation for the presence of internal PD. Our systems have built in noise rejection algorithms to effectively distinguish between PD and background noise.
  • Surface Tracking – Ultrasonic Testing; each asset is tested using the Ultrasonic sensors incorporated into our equipment, identifying surface tracking or external defect on HV insulators.
  • If PD is detected the discharge can be narrowed down to an exact switchgear panel, then further located to the discharging component.

Once testing is complete IPEC will give an on-site outcome to the customer before submission of a final report and recommendations once data is analysed back at IPEC. The comprehensive report includes all relevant test data such as PD verification shots, PD precedence test results and Ultrasonic results. In conjunction with a full conclusion, we provide recommended actions bespoke for the type of discharge/defect that may have been located.


Onsite test duration and our prices are tailored to customer requirement and depend on location, number of assets, multiple test type etc. Our engineers operate worldwide.

For further information, and to request a quotation please email or visit our contact page